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Baby Language Trainers Wanted.

Teaching new parents how to become Baby Listeners is our #1 priority.

Our goal is to introduce mothers and fathers to a profoundly simple, new baby care practice: Listening to their infants in a new way. And by doing so, empowering them to hear their newborn baby’s language amidst the crying - and to know how to quickly calm an infant by responding to exactly what their baby needs. 

DBL Instructors guide parents to tune in to their babies. 

One on one, or in small classes. They educate them on what to listen for and how understand their specific needs. And especially, to listen to a new parent’s questions and provide answers.

Thank you to our hundreds of instructors for your support and dedication to sharing the benefits of the wonderful Baby Language over the past 5 years. 

You have helped take us into over 20 countries (Oprah helped a little too!) Soon, it will be double that number.

This year, Dunstan Baby Language was shortened to DBL.

These 3 initials will be a simpler and more memorable way for parents to recognise us across the globe (think IBM, BMW or even Neh).

Last year, we introduced a useful iPhone App called Baby Ears by DBL (soon on Android), a simple & convenient way to introduce many more new parents to the basics of baby language - right in the palm of their hand. Baby Ears App will eventually be translated and available in 30+ languages. Beginning with the Dutch translation which became available in October 2013.

DBL & Baby Ears will make it easier for people all over the world remember, talk about and find you and your classes easier.

DBL makes a huge difference to how we communicate with babies and take better care of them.

With your help we will spread this valuable knowledge even further.


Image: Elena Ringeisen, modernbabyphotography.com 

Our newest Instructor graduates
October 14, 2012

  Congratulations and Welcome to the global Instructors team to: Annie Hojune - Hong Kong Heidi Arnott - Connecticut, USA Jodi Kirk - Connecticut, USA Anton W. Isaac - beautiful island of Aruba Malin Frögéli - Upssala, Sweden Chelsea Crider Manahan - Colorado, USA...

Welcome to our new DBL instructors.
June 19, 2012

Over the last few months we have had a flurry of new graduates from the four corners of the world. We are so very excited to have you join our global team: Willkommen to Franziska Sedlmaier from Reichling, Germany. G'day to Michelle Doole...

Day 1
February 15, 2012

Today our new online training center opens (finally!) Thank you to those who have been waiting patiently to begin your instructor training. We are very excited and touched by your enthusiasm. We look forward to you joining our growing global...