Our Mission

Every crying baby heard. Every mother nurtured. 

Over 200 dedicated baby language Instructors are making huge difference to mothers and newborn babies across the world: 

from Australia to South Africa, Indonesia to Russia, Holland to Brasil, 

the confidence and reassurance that comes with understanding your baby’s cries is being felt and appreciated daily. 

“Just wanted to thank you for making your discovery known to the world.  

I am a new first-time mom with a 3 week old, and you saved my sanity! 

Thank you a million times!”   ~ Allison K. Thiel, Wisconsin, USA 

Our instructors can now be found in more than 20 countries, each one striving to make a difference 

to the happiness and well-being of mothers and their newborns. 

They do this by sharing a completely new way of listening to babies. 

While the Baby Listening Movement is growing everyday, there is still a long way to go before no crying baby goes unheard.  

These baby words still need to be spread far and wide. 

“Asking around here in Liverpool, England, nobody has heard of it, and it's such a shame as, for me, 

DBL took the frustration out of the first few weeks with my baby, because I understood her completely. 

I was over the moon with DBL when my baby was born and think everyone should know about it, 

so I would love to help with spreading the word.“ ~ Rena Gordon, England 

We are working towards a time when every new mother and father will confidently leave a hospital 

with their babe in arms, having completed a introductory baby language class lead by one of our trained instructors.

Our goal: 1000 instructors worldwide by 2014.

The language that babies speak is universal and easily understood by people regardless of culture or local tongue.

And the benefits to both mother and infant are incredibly satisfying and profound. 

The countless letters, heartfelt blog posts and glowing reviews all remind us how we are positively impacting motherhood all over the globe.

We enthusiastically welcome the participation of infant care professionals and passionate non-professionals alike. 

If you have a a personal interest in the cries of babies to be heard and understood far and wide, please join us!