Group Classes: serving the local community

Applicants with personal experience as parents using the baby language are welcome. 

Please join us if you:

  • are an enterprising parent who has seen the benefits first hand in your own family;
  • feel strongly about sharing your experience widely in your community; 
  • have the confidence that comes from having a business, commercial or teaching background;
  • want to start your own Good+For-Profit service business;
  • can build word-of-mouth to start a local groundswell and turn this interest into an income;
  • are passionate about making a difference;
  • would enjoy talking to small (and eventually larger) groups of mothers;
  • like the challenge of publicising your new business in the media and online  - with some help from us, of course;
  • have taken time off to care for your new baby and are looking to change direction in your career.
  • can see the income potential of  running classes @ $30-$100 or more per parent or consultation.

Cost:  $400

Includes free website listing for one year.

Annual certification renewal fee: $75 (includes 5 x free DVD’s)


 Plus invest in Marketing Extras packages (available 30 March 2012)
+ Marketing Package: Additional tools & resources to assist you grow your business locally.
+ DVD Reseller Packages: Generate additional income reselling the DVD  at a lower special price.