Online Training & Accreditation

DBL Instructor Program - Learn the curriculum at your own pace, study the crying videos, take the open book tests (multiple choice, open- ended) download the handouts – all online. Contact us to answer any queries.

Screenshots from our Online Training Course – 282 pages, including research, class plans, videos, tests, summaries 


       What to do next:

  1. Once you enroll, you will receive an email inviting you to the online training.
  2. Click on the link to the online Course. 
  3. Create a log-in password and start!
  4. You can take the course when and where you like, and at your own pace. 
  5. The course is available to trainees anytime, anywhere you have internet access. 
  6. For your convenience, you can stop and return to where you left off, or review any part of the course material, whenever it is convenient for you to study, 24/7.
  7. Ideally, you should complete the training within 6 months. Most complete the course within 60 days.
  8. During the course, you will be asked to complete various tests and exam questions, relating to the material you have read. Remember, it is an open book test, so you have access to the reference material. You will also be shown audio-visual examples of the various cries, as well as audio examples.
  9. Upon completion, you will need to achieve a pass rate of 90% or more, then you will be issued with a Certificate of accreditation.
  10. Set up website profile. You will be directed to set up your online profile, with the contact information you feel will make it easier for potential clients to be in touch with you directly 
  11. When you have passed, we want you to feel confident, well prepared and ready to start instructing. Contact us if you need any further help.
  12. When you are ready to start your business, contact us about ordering DVD's and the optional Marketing Extras packages.

      Additional Resources Included in the Program:

    - DOWNLOADABLE TRAINING AIDS – Includes flash cards that can be printed for use in the classroom; plus a video files for you to burn onto CD or your computer showing examples of the 5 DBL ‘words’.
    - DOWNLOADABLE PROMOTIONAL VIDEO – showing the Oprah Winfrey Show featuring Baby Language and other PR material to be used for your local promotions.
    - DOWNLOADABLE GRAPHIC FILES– Logos, key visuals for marketing and artwork for leaflets and parent handouts. Printing materials is optional and the costs are the responsibility of the Instructor.
    - COMPLETE & ONGOING ACCESS TO THE ONLINE COURSE MATERIALS - Once you have passed the tests and become qualified, you will have for your ongoing use and reference access at any time to the digital course via your online login.

   - ONLINE ACCESS TO THE BABY LANGUAGE STREAMING VIDEO - From 1 July 2012, you will receive access to the full online version of the streaming video from our new website. You will be familiar with every aspect of the System and how we have simplified it for the general public. The video can be used an ongoing resource and reference tool for you.  Until then, we will post you a DVD for your reference.


    Click here to see Course Outline:

      The 7 online training modules