Practitioners & Professionals : one-on-one with mothers

Amongst our group already are: pregnancy and infant care professionals, doctors, nurses, midwives, doulas, lactation or sleep consultants, as well as infant massage, baby yoga and other well-being practitioners.

Please join us if you:

  • wish to provide your clients with a method that is complementary to your philosophy and existing practice;
  • have professional qualifications;
  • have experience in caring for mothers and infants;
  • work in pre-natal care, medical or nursing;
  • work hands on with mothers and their newborns;
  • your work is primarily personal, one-on-one, rather than with groups;
  • are interested in understanding the history and research that supports the Baby Language discovery and development process;
  • are involved in organisations that value rigour and practical effectiveness;
  • wish to connect with other like minded professionals;
  • want raise the quality of infant and mother care in your community.

Certification Cost: $400

       - Includes free website listing for one year

       - Annual certification renewal fee: $75 (includes 5 x free DVD’s)