Q & A

We are receiving some good questions from potential trainees, which we will share with you as they come in: 

Q1 from StephanieA: What's the difference between Program 1 and Program 2?

The two programs P1: Practitioners and Professionals & P2: Group Classes are at their base also identical in the core content, concepts & information.

The P1 program contains a heavier component of research studies results, research protocols and academic background to the understanding of infant cries. The P1 group often requires  additional facts in order to communicate the depth DBL's credentials to their peers, co-workers, organisations or professional bodies.

Q2 from Michelle R: Where is the Reseller information? And when can I order?

A: The Reseller packages will be available to graduates only. They will be available for order online by the end of February, at which time our first graduates will be ready to start. Here is the information for your planning purposes:

    The Reseller Package is sales focused instructors. Entitles you to discounts off the regular wholesale price of the DVDs.

    Reseller25 : 25 x DVD’s: Cost $362.50 = $14.50 each (r.retail price: $30)

    Reseller50 : 50 x DVD’s: Cost $650.00  = $13.00 each

    Generate additional income reselling the DVD at special prices. Sell to: class participants, mothers groups, community centers, fundraising events, online, eBay or to local retail stores. 

    FYI - Distributor250 & Distributor500 Packages will be available for Regional & National Trainers. Please contact us for more details.

Q3 from Michelle R: When will you require information about our qualifications and profile?

A: You will be asked to complete your Profile once you have graduated as an instructor. You will be sent the Instructor Profile questionnaire then.

Why afterwards and not before we accept your enrollment? In the past, we have had varied success in filtering & identifying the best candidates from their sometimes very impressive resumes alone. We have found others have succeeded as a result of their strong personal commitment to making a difference and generating an income for their families. Investing in the program, completing their study and passing with high marks is an important but not the only factor in an instructors success with DBL. Questionnaires do not often reveal these special qualities and motivations. Such email enquiries do, however!

Q4 from Michelle R: I want to be considered for a regional trainer in the US. Do you have others already appointed?

A: Unlike Europe and other countries, we have not yet appointed any Regional Trainers in the USA, only local instructors. We can now begin engaging with applicants interested in US State/ Regional Trainer programs - you are right on time! We expect to have appointed State Trainers through out the 52 States over the next 6 - 18 months.


Do you provide scholarships or discounts on tuition?
There are a limited number of scholarships to candidates with exceptional qualities,  experience and/or extenuating circumstances. Please write to us and explain why you qualify for reduced tuition fees.

For approved applicants, we offer a 4 x monthly payments.

I am from a less developed economy, your fees (US dollars) are very expensive given our local economy and currency. Can you provide discounts?
Yes. We offer 25%, 50% & 75% reductions for trainees from certain economic zones. Please contact us and we will make special arrangements with you.

Which currency can I pay in?
Whilst we are based in Australia, our fees will be charged in US dollars. This will be converted by your bank and appear on your credit card statement in the equivalent local currency.

I don’t have a credit card. How else can I pay?
You may also arrange a direct debit into our bank: 

Ac# 1500881603

565 Fifth Avenue,FL 12
New York, NY

Destination ABA 026013576


Please email us your bank confirmation and we will complete your registration. Or fax to: +61 2 8088 7179.

I’m enrolling into the Basic Training. Is there an Advanced course? 
Currently, there's only one core training program to complete and be tested on to achieve certification. We are in the process of developing a higher level of certification for Regional & National Trainers.
What is the difference between the different types of program? 
Whilst the core training is the same, there are higher levels of geographic leadership and exclusivity which is performance-based and must be earned. A main difference is the level of income that becomes available to Regional and National Trainers because they become authorised to enrol and manage other instructors in their approved defined territory.
What are the specific differences between Instructor, Regional Trainer, and National Trainer?
    A.  Instructors: teach DBL to parents either one on one or in classes. Certification can be attained through Online Study or via a face to face Training Workshop held by Regional or National Trainers. Instructors earn revenue from consulting, running Parent Classes and selling Baby Language DVDs.
    B.  Trainers: are Certified Instructors who are approved to train other Instructors via face to face Training Workshops. Trainers are appointed by DBL directly or through a National Trainer. Trainers may also sell the Online Instructor Program. Trainers earn revenue from leading the Training Workshops, selling the Online Instructor Program and teaching Parent Classes. Trainers also receive a revenue share of DVDs sold to their Instructors Network.
    C.  National Trainers: are approved to train the Trainers. National Trainers are approved by DBL based on their ability to create a network of Trainers. National Trainers administer their network of Trainers and can also teach Workshops and Parent Classes. The revenue model for National Trainers follows a similar structure as Trainers. 


Once I pass the exam what happens next?
When you receive a score of 90% or more you will be issued with a Certificate of accreditation, valid for 12 months. Of course, you may retake the open book exam until you ‘pass’.

Why do I pay to renew my certification every year?
Annual renewal is required to ensure listed instructors remain active and current in their application of the DBL knowledge. You will be required to complete an annual exam for 2 years after certification.

Annual renewal fees will be waived (ie No renewal fees) if 10 of your clients have registered on our new website and rate their learning experience with you. This is designed to remove inactive and poorly performing instructors from our website and database.

Will I be able to receive updates to the program on a regular basis?
Any program updates or upgrades that relate to the training material will be free of charge. 


Can I be appointed the exclusive instructor in my town or city?
Not usually. The majority of our instructors operate in areas on a non-exclusive basis. There are many more babies and mothers to take care of than any individual instructor could possibly handle. In the case where there is a national or regional trainer appointed,  you still need to complete your online certification, but your become part of a network and supported locally.

How do I generate an income?
By promoting your classes in your local community, online, with mother’s groups, partnering with pre-natal classes, on hospital notice boards, you can begin to establish a calendar of classes. You can also sell the DVD to your clients. Practitioners can charge their clients for the DBL advice they provide, and for one-on-one coaching.

How long does it take to get started?
Like every new venture, you will take small steps at first. It will take you some time to understand how to best serve your local community. By talking to other mothers, expectant women, local professionals and practitioners, you can begin to understand how best to create a network for promoting your classes. The internet and Facebook are becoming important avenues for promoting yourself and finding clientele. We will be providing a forum on our new website to enable the sharing of ideas and how others have overcome the challenges of starting their local business and Baby listening movement.

Can I talk to the media to promote my courses?
Yes! Be bold in your communication and PR and you will plant valuable seeds. Promote your Facebook page. Visit mother’s forums. Comment on blogs. Go onto local TV shows. Become known to the Parenting and Baby writers and journalists and provide them with updates and commentary on what you are creating in your community.

Do I keep all my income?
Yes. All that you earn is yours. We do not charge any fees or commissions on your income.

How much do the DVDs cost?
DVDs are specially priced for instructors depending on the volume they purchase from us. Please review the reseller packages.

How much should I charge for parent classes?
The cost of parent classes is at the discretion of the Instructor. Depending on whether or not you include a DVD for each parent in the cost of your class, generally Instructors will charge between $25 - $100 per parent/couple for the DBL class. However, you are free to charge whatever fee makes sense for you and what you feel would pay for your time and costs.

Is it mandatory to provide the DVD to parents who attend classes?
No.  The DVD enables parents to practice tuning their ear to the different sounds at home so that they can distinguish them in their baby. Parents tell us that they often to watch the DVD multiple times to completely grasp the language. For some instructors the DVD adds value as part of the parent class package.


What does a DBL class offer that is not on the DVD?
There are comprehensive materials in the program that you will download that add to the knowledge presented in the DVD, giving more background and insight into each ‘word’ and exploring some additional topics like Tuning-in to Baby and Creating a Baby Guided Routine using the DBL System.

Those already teaching Dunstan classes confirm that there is a strong appeal, particularly for first time parents to take a more hands-on, interactive approach to learning about baby care. Our classes meet parents’ need for shared experience and discovery during this exciting time in their lives. The DBL System is a new concept and in our experience, parents are fascinated by its story and how it can change their experience of their baby. By teaching  DBL in a class, parents can understand the concept first and then use the DVD as a resource to help practice listening for the sounds – especially when baby is at home.

Why is the DBL curriculum structured over 2 session?
Research shows that the most effective way for parents to learn the DBL is over a two-week period. All five words can be overwhelming for a parent to learn in one sitting. By splitting up the words into two lessons parents can grasp the easier sounds first and be able to practice hearing these before going on to the final two words. We have structured the class curriculum to support this method. Parents are taught Lesson 1 (Neh, Eh and Owh) in the first session and Lesson 2 (Eairh and Heh) in the second session. The DVD is structured to support parents learning with Lesson 1 on disc/side 1 and Lesson 2 on disc/side 2. Hence, you it is beneficial and complementary to the learning process to provide parents the DBL DVD to take home at the end of session 1 so that they can practice what they have learned. 

Must I always structure my classes over 2 sessions?
No. It is our recommendation only. The program can be completed in 1 session, with a suitable break and review between Lesson 1 & 2. 

Whom are DBL parent classes suitable for?
The Baby Language is relevant for parents expecting a baby or those with a newborn. The System is most successful for babies from birth to approximately 4 months of age. It is our experience that many parents find it easier to attend classes and learn the System before baby comes along (e.g., in the third trimester). 

What costs do I have to pay myself?
Basically, all the materials that are needed for you to teach a parent class will be available for download once you complete the course. Instructors are responsible for all costs related to conducting parent classes, including but not limited to, costs of room and equipment rental, catering, costs associated with marketing and advertising of classes, travel and insurance if required and costs associated with reproduction of materials such as parent handouts. 

Do I have to give parent handouts?
A template for parent handouts and a parent certificate are provided in the Resources Kit which you will download. You can choose to get these printed (in color or black and white) to give to parents in their classes. Provision of parent handouts and the parent certificate is optional and is at the discretion of the Instructor.

Do I really need a TV and DVD player to conduct training? Will my desktop computer also do instead?
Yes. And yes. Learning the audio sounds that comprise the baby 'language' is at the heart of the curriculum. It is important for parents to hear examples of babies making the DBL sounds so that they can gain an understanding of each ‘word’ and its distinctive qualities. 

How will you help us advertise our parent classes?
Certified instructors will be listed on our new site so that parents can find classes in their area. You will also be able to list upcoming classes on the website. Simply contact us with the details.