Regional & National Trainers

Leadership at a State or Country level


Welkom, 歓迎 Boa vinda, 환영, Recepción,  Welcome to The United Nations of DBL.

Becoming a National Trainers is only for the most energetic, ambitious and resourceful candidates. They take on the challenging task of introducing DBL into usually virgin territories.  

Our current National Trainers have an independent, optimistic and pioneering spirit. Once appointed you join an elite group of independent leaders who adapt to the local environment, with often limited resources, find opportunities for growth. 

We are proud of the efforts of Ana Garrancho, Formadora Nacional for Portugal, Bregje Hamelynck in The Netherlands, Shavit Shacham in Israel, Dr Adhiatma Gunawan in Indonesia, Di Bustamente in Singapore, Ana Husanah in Malaysia. and many others. All have shown an enormous commitment and enterprise to bring DBL baby language to their countries.

The road to National leadership begins with small steps.

  1. You must complete your Basic Certification.
  2. Ideally, you will have the capacity to translate the course materials into your native language. You can provide the translation, and we will provide the design assistance. This material will be added to our online training system for access by you and those you wish to later enroll.
  3. After 6 months you may apply to become a Regional Instructor, and complete an interview process and a further examination of your capabilities. Your activities to date are reviewed.
  4. After 12 months you may apply to become a National Instructor, and complete a further interview process. Your progress to date is reviewed.

We encourage the boldest amongst our instructors to seize the possibilities in the regions and countries.

A.  Regional Trainer : Exclusive territory leadership, city or state or region. Rewarded financially for enrolling other instructors, certifying groups and organisation. 3 year License: $TBD*

  •  Enrol instructors- share revenue
  •  Discounted DVD's
  •  Incl .premium listing
  •  Access to Facebook & YouTube channel
  •  Annual certification renewal fee: $150


B. National Trainer : Exclusive country leadership, overseeing other Regional trainers. Rewarded financially for enrolling other Regional Trainers, certifying instructors, groups and organisation. 3 year License: $TBD*

  • Enrol trainers & instructors- higher share revenue
  • Discounted DVD's
  • Includes premium listing
  • Access to Facebook & YouTube channel
  • Annual certification renewal fee: $250
* lower fees for less developed economies - apply for more details