The 7 online modules


1. PARENT CLASS CURRICULUMS – We have designed two curriculums: 
(A) DBL Baby Language Intensive: a 3 module option which covers learning the 5 ‘words’ of DBL,  Baby-Guided Routine and DBL Newborn 101. 
(B) DBL Baby Language Express: a 30-minute module that introduces the Dunstan Method and outlines the first two ‘words’. Intensive is intended as a stand alone curriculum. Express is intended as part of a broader anti-natal or newborn program.

2. BABY LANGUAGE STORY OF DISCOVERY – This is the story of Priscilla & Tom’s journey and how the Baby Language was developed. We meet Dr. Maureen O’Brien and review the results of independent research studies that verify the effectiveness of the Baby Language for mothers and fathers.
3. LEARNING BABY LANGUAGE – In this section we become familiar with the newborn’s world of communication. Accompanied by audio visual tools, we cover the DBL ‘words’ for – Hunger, Tiredness, Need to Burp, Gas and Discomfort. We explore how parents can learn to stop, look and listen – so that they can tune-in and understand the precise meaning in the cries of their baby.
4. DBL BABY GUIDED ROUTINE – The Baby Language offers a new anchor point for understanding baby’s daily rhythms, allowing parents to create a routine. In this section we introduce DBL Baby Notes, a journal tool which helps parents to quickly identify and design the routine that will work for them.
5. DBL NEWBORN 101 – This module creates a framework for assisting parents as they prepare for their new life with baby. The materials are intended to complement existing Instructor knowledge and offer a DBL perspective on related discussion topics such as communication development, sleep, feeding, crying, colic, and settling techniques. 

6. PR TOOLKIT – In this section a practical toolkit is provided to assist you with the unique skills to promote Baby Language consulting and Parent Workshops. The toolkit includes suggestions for PR, press releases, tips for dealing with local media and easy to use templates that can be customized and printed by each Instructor. 

7. FAQs – This section is a quick reference guide for everything DBL. It answers all of our frequently asked questions (and some not so frequently asked). We will be updating it regularly as our global family expands – including the international team of DBL Baby Language Trainers.